The other day I was listening to the radio coming to work and there was a news piece on snowflakes. Did you know that all snowflakes are six sided?  Yes you have probably heard that each snowflake is unique, which is indeed true.  However, the same is also true that every snowflake has six sides as well. The person on the show went on to explain is the reason all snowflakes are six sided is this is the easiest way for water molecules to come together.   And then, what causes each snowflake to be unique is the changes of temperature and pressure in the atmosphere.  These changes form and reform the flake so that it has different looking parts on each side.

The more I thought about it the more I realize how this describes who we are as people of faith.  We indeed are all unique.  Each Christian brings to the table unique gifts and talents to the body of Christ and yet, we might imagine we are all “six sided” also. In other words we all share the same core identity.  What strikes me is that God allows both this uniqueness and similarity to exist.  These two ideas seem contradictory.  How can one be both unique and similar all at the same time? And yet, the snowflake allows such.  And even when we think about God, God exists as such – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  They are the same but unique.

Thus, when I think about snowfall, each unique, yet similar flake comes together to form a beautiful, serene setting.  The core of each flake provides a kind of symmetry while the uniqueness provides character.  And when all combined, a snowfall creates an inspiring moment to witness.  Such is true of the people of God.  When we are all together, sharing the same core identity of Jesus Christ and that core identity is uniquely expressed by each one of us, a beautiful picture of the kingdom of God emerges.  This week take time to consider how you similar to other Christians and how that similarity is uniquely expressed in your person.