We all know the feeling of complete exhaustion.  At different points in our lives we have experienced the feeling of having nothing left in the tank.  It happens for varied reasons.  At times it is due to circumstances beyond our control which have required our complete and total attention.  Maybe a family member requires more attention because of an illness, maybe work is overwhelming, or maybe you have spent so much emotional energy in a relationship, you have nothing else to give.  We’ve all been there.  Circumstance has choked the life out of us and we don’t think we can offer much more of ourselves to others.

Moreover, those draining times don’t simply affect one area of our lives.  Whether it begins in a failing relationship or at work, our entire lives are affected.  Even more, those times of exhaustion may have even started in our spiritual lives.  Possibly other circumstances have left us questioning the validity of our faith or we have given so much for others in the name of Jesus, we just can’t give much more.  When the tank is empty, where can we turn? Or how do we prevent the tank from going empty?

If we look to Scripture, we do find Jesus as an example.  There are times when he certainly was exhausted from what was required of him.  At one point, if you recall, he prayed that “this cup would pass from him.” Yet we find often, Jesus steals away to pray.  He seeks seclusion and time to recover.  He preaches to many people; then he prays.  He faces arrest; he goes off to pray.  He provides an example of how we can face life’s challenges and recover our spiritual vitality.

You may be emotionally, physically, or spiritual drained or you may know someone who is.  In light of Jesus’ example, I want to invite you to be part of our upcoming series entitled, “Drained: Recovering our Spiritual Vitality.” It starts this coming Sunday, January 29th.  Through the series, we will be talking about the gifts God has given us to help us recover if the tank is empty and how to prevent it from going empty.  I do hope you can join us or invite a friend, family member, or neighbor who may need this encouragement.