Total Eclipse

On Monday, as many of you are aware, many in the United States experienced a spectacular total eclipse.  A total eclipse hasn’t happened over the United States since 1979 and even then it’s path was not as broad as the one on Monday.  Going diagonally from the upper western section to the lower eastern section of the continental United States, millions of people were able to gaze upon this astronomical spectacle.  In fact, individuals drove or flew from all over the U.S in order to be in the path of totality.  Some of the pictures are spectacular of the event.  One picture I saw even captured a solar flare off the sun!

One of the things though I found amazing was the amount of light which was still visible during the total eclipse.  While those of us in central Arkansas were not in the path of totality, we did see almost 90% of the sun blocked out by the moon.  I was amazed how much light there was even with almost 90% of the sun hidden behind the moon.  Though the light was certainly diminished, I could still see.  The amount of light was comparable to a cloud rolling into the path of the sunlight.  There was still plenty of light.  But even in the path of totality, the moon didn’t full block out the light.  While it did get dark, there was still light.  It wasn’t as easy to see, and in some cases street lights came on, but one could still see.  Light was still present.

After the fact, I was reflecting on this and was reminded of the Gospel of John’s words, “Light shines in the darkness, and darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5).” At times in our world, it is easier to believe that darkness has overcome the light.  When individuals drive automobiles into crowds, when a loved one passes away, or when racism rears its ugly head, it is easy to believe darkness is overcoming the light.  And yet, the total eclipse this week was a hope-filled testimony.  Even in the paths of apparent dark totality, light pushes out the darkness.  We are never without the light.  Our light, the Light of the World is here and will always be here.  His light will never be eclipsed.