All Glory, LAUD, and Honor

“One generation shall laud your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts” (Psalm 145:4)

I came across this Bible verse this past week as I was preparing for Disciple II Bible Study. It’s a simple verse yet a powerful reminder of our responsibility to share the faith and to pass it down. But even more, there is a force behind these words which speak to way we are to share. The Psalmist writes we are to “laud” God’s works to the next generation. This isn’t a simple retelling of God’s mighty deeds. Rather such is done is a worshipful and enthusiastic way. It is done in such a way that those who hear from our lips the mighty acts of God can see and hear the difference God has made in our lives and in the world.

This verse reminds me of my reaction to the first time I ate at a local barbecue joint in Memphis called Central BBQ. I had met my dad and brother in Nashville for a football game and was driving back home to Arkansas. On the way back I realized I was going to hit Memphis around lunch time, so I googled “Best Barbecue joint in Memphis.” Of course, a few hundred options popped up. I knocked out a few which I had already visited and saw “Central.” It was easy for me to get to so I decided to try it. That day my life was changed. I have never since had such tasty and succulent ribs. Immediately I called Lynn to let her know about them. Then I called my brother and father. I called a buddy of mine who love bbq as well. I “lauded” their name anytime a discussion sprung up about barbecued ribs. I wanted to be sure everyone knew the greatness of Central BBQ. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

This is the kind of enthusiasm the Psalmist speaks of when we laud God’s works to the next generation. Inherent in the instruction is the understanding one generation has seen and experienced the mighty works of God. As such, those experiences are so compelling they move that generation to share with the next. Christian author Shane Claiborne once wrote, “The Gospel spreads not by force but fascination.” Such fascination begins with us and our ability to communicate this fascination about Jesus with others. When’s the last time you shared with another, particularly of another generation your experience of God? What experiences of God would you laud about to another? God is indeed gracious and merciful. God’s mercy extends from generation to generation. Let us get caught up in praising God from one to another.