Surprised by Generousity

Today, I ran to Kroger to get a couple items between appointments.  As I was checking out, the cashier and I got into a conversation.  I happened to be purchasing a few items which gave me a fair amount of fuel points.  As you all are likely aware, Kroger will give you points toward discounted gas at their gas pumps.  Anyway, Tim, the cashier exclaimed, “You’re going to get a lot of points for this! Don’t forget about them!”  I responded, “It’s great to get such a discount.  We shop a lot at Kroger and love the fuel points.” Tim came back, “Yes, me too! Only twice in my life have I worked up enough points in a period to get a $1 off each gallon.” “A $1 off,” I exclaimed! “Wow!” He continued, “Yea, when that happened, I went to those behind me at the pump and said, after I’m done, let me fill up your tank! I’ve got a great discount.” He went on to say how excited he was to share his discount with others and loved seeing their faces light up.

I honestly had tears begin to well up in my eyes.  I know nothing about Tim and his situation, but one thing I know is he has a generous heart.  I would have never thought about using my points to help someone else, but Tim’s generosity was inspiring. In fact, when I think about this season, Tim embodies it at its highest ideal.  Not thinking of himself, he gives in order to bless others.

This is what we celebrate this season.  God, not thinking of God’s self, sends Jesus into the world to bless us and give us life.  And we too are inspired to give our love in the sacrificial way of God.  Today, I give thanks for Tim and pray God blesses him this season.  He blessed me!