It’s a “God Thing”

It is a “God thing”. In 2004 I was living in Little Rock, and out of the blue I received a job offer to move and work in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I advised I would make the decision in a week as I wanted to pray and discuss this with close church members.  I accepted the job offer and moved.

Prior to leaving, I called my insurance agent and car dealership and told them how much I had appreciated their service, but I was moving to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  I was congratulated on my move, and they said no worries.  My insurance agent was licensed for Oklahoma and could cover me there.  My car dealership said he had a dealership in Tulsa and would always take care of me. What a shock!!!   Ok God, you don’t have to slap me on the back of the head – “God thing”.  I moved and everything was falling into place.

God directed my path for me, and I stayed there for ten years. During that time, I had the privilege of taking care of my Mother and Aunt until their deaths. The best -“God thing”.

After they died, my children wanted me to move closer.  Real estate values were just beginning to move up. I put an offer on a home here contingent on selling my current house in Oklahoma.  My Oklahoma home sold in five days; closed in two weeks, and I moved myself here — “God thing”.  I found my new Church and quickly reestablished previous relationships with my insurance agent, car dealership, and doctors.

I share my “God thing” story because we often take this for granted.   My growing faith that God is the leader in my decisions (big or small) guides me to trust and acknowledge His blessings to me and others. I did not always do this.  By this one change (not changing back), God is always here to aid in my decision making processes. I love you Church, please allow this – “God thing” to work for you.  It gives you a calmness, joy, and peace.

Marilyn Lecy

Lay Servant