God Laughs

This past weekend fifteen women from JFUMC ventured to Shepherd of the Ozarks for a Women’s Retreat. Our Church had not had a retreat in five years. I felt so nervous planning, studying, and preparing for this retreat. I had never been on a Women’s Retreat with a church and certainly had never planned one. I have planned many events in the past but this one felt different.

I asked a mentor for help but God had other plans, and she was unable to help write the program. God laughed, and said, “you have all the knowledge you need to put this together.” I worked for days scouring the internet for topics I felt I could relate to and that these women of all ages and backgrounds could relate to. I finally found a program that I loved. I pulled out the tote bags I had ordered months ago and there it was, the topic we needed to discuss…Proverbs 31! Again God laughed at my plan. I had only ordered these bags because I liked the design and they were on clearance!

I worked for days putting the programs together. Finally, it was finished, the bags were assembled; and we were ready to go! I had envisioned how perfect the weather was going to be so we could sit outside in nature while discussing, bonding, and evaluating how we were like the Proverbs 31 woman. Again God laughed. Saturday morning we woke up to sleet and snow. It was absolutely beautiful though. We went to breakfast, came back and started our study. We flew right through it. It came so easy, the words flowed, and the conversations were amazing. We ended up with free time for the afternoon. The weather turned out to be beautiful.

God knew exactly what He was doing when He planned the Women’s Retreat. I may have been the person facilitating it, but I truly believe He is the one who planned it. Isn’t it funny how often we think we have a handle on our situation, or life; but when we take a step back, we realize that it is truly God who “has it.”


Stephanie Dunn

Christian Education Coordinator