In her book, Practicing our Faith, Dorthy Bass says “Testimony is basic to human communities.”  We see testimonials everywhere.  We see them in personal letters, on websites, and even in the courtroom.  Regardless of the context in which we experience testimonials, they have one thing in common. They give voice to experiences.

In our faith, we will experience testimonies in two ways. First, we experience the testimony of the church and the world in which witnesses tell others about the action of God. The second testimony is when witnesses tell God the truth about themselves. These are ancient forms of Christian testimony which find powerful expression in classic Christian texts like Saint Augustine’s Confessions. Augustine tells the story of his life for two reasons: first to confess the mercies of God to other people and second to confess the truth about his own life to God.

The questions for us today are: What is our testimony?  What can you confess to God about your life? What can you tell others about your experience with God?

Prayer: Holy God, as we experience a real and relative change within our lives through Christ, help up reflect on the unique testimonies we each have to share. Help us share those testimonies with both you and those we come in contact with. Draw us closer to you with each experience. Lead us through your Grace. We ask this in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.


Chase Burns

Youth Director