God Owns it All

Recently, while teaching Financial Peace Junior, the kids learned that God owns it all. God owns everything, and we have to learn to manage the stuff He provides for us. There are many stories in the New Testament about Jesus acknowledging God’s role as a Provider. He trusted God to provide things and taught others to trust God.  Mark 6:8-11 tells us that Jesus ordered the twelve to take nothing on their journey except a staff; to wear sandals and to not put on two tunics. He assured them wherever they stayed they would be provided for. This is stewardship.

Stewardship isn’t just about material possessions. It includes our work and our time. Do you think maybe why Jesus told people to keep his identity a secret was to avoid distractions so as to not disrupt His ministry?

We are not great about committing ourselves to using what God owns in His way. To be effective stewards we have to find ways to use God’s blessings, God’s way for God’s glory-just like Jesus did. That may not be more tithing but giving more time to different ministries of the Church. A key characteristic of a healthy church is a group of people who love to give. Love to give of their time, their talents and their blessings.

As we enter this Stewardship Campaign, think about what it means to you to be a good Steward and where you can give more! There are so many ministries that can use your talents and time. 

Stephanie Dunn

Christian Education Coordinator