Can You…

I have been blessed all my life. Part of my earlier years I just did not know how much. As time went on I realized how much Jesus loves us. He is generous with His love. He paid the ultimate price for us.   His blood was shed for all the world’s sins. All you have to do is believe in Him and live by His examples and teachings.  

Does not sound so hard, but can be very difficult to do. You have to get outside of yourself. Sometimes, the holidays can be all about ourselves and our families. Everyone is excited about visiting and eating together we forget about other people who are spending that time alone. It is easy not to acknowledge.     

Jesus Christ came to bring us closer to God. He did not mean this just for our inter-group of family or friends. He came for all of us. His blood was shed as payment for all of the world’s sin so we could have a relationship with God. We need to believe in Him, live according to His teachings; and as Christians, we are to go and make disciples so the world can all live in a better place.   

 This sounds so very easy, but it is not. All people, not just Christians, like to stay in their comfort zone. Myself included.      

The holidays provide us the opportunity to get out of that zone and mingle with others. It is very easy to not pick up on the loneliness of others during the season. I have worked with several people over the years in different places. My job kept me traveling all over the country. The one thing I noticed is that during any holiday you could pick up the loneliness of other people. I don’t know if moving around made me more aware or what, but I knew that it was important to relate to those who were hurting during the holiday season. Sometimes you could see depression set in just before the holidays.      

When I was working out of state on a job and had to stay during any of the holidays, I sought out people to go eat with me and visit. It was easy doing that as my co-workers/peers were in the same boat.      

When I became stationary (retired) and not working anymore, it was harder to connect with those who were alone. God’s message became clear, and I sought others that did not have a place to eat or visit through my church and my community (including neighbors). When you get to know others outside your circle of family/friends you gain so much more. That is a part of Jesus’ plan.     

Show who you are through Christ and try saying “Can you come over to visit or go out to eat with me on December 25th, New Year’s Day or chose any other time?” Think of what you can gain from that one sentence, or better still, what that other person can gain. 

Marilyn Lecy

Lay Servant