Why a Blanket Drive?

Chase:   How did God put it on your heart to do the blanket drive?

Emily HuskeyTo help the homeless people so they won’t be cold.

Chase:   How do you feel about the Church getting 25 blankets?

Emily HuskeyI feel good because the homeless people are happy that they will be warm. 

On behalf of the Youth, we would like to thank the Church for donating to our Blanket Drive.  We delivered 25 blankets to Little Rock Compassion Center on Wednesday, December 12th.      

On the way to drop off the blankets, we saw a man standing on a corner.  I felt bad because I did not have money to give the guy and his wife for food.  I remember that we have blankets in the van for the homeless shelter.  My first thought was that these blankets were promised to the homeless shelter.  After sitting there for a few more seconds, I realized that we did this blanket drive for people who are homeless, and it was cold outside.  So, I asked one of the youth to hand me a blanket, and I gave the guy a blanket.      

To see this guy who I never met before be thankful for a blanket, gave me a new aspect on life.  It made me realize that God has truly blessed us.  I know we could be in the same situation that these people are in at any time.  I am truly grateful to be the Youth Leader in charge of this project.  I want to thank Emily Huskey for coming up with the idea of a blanket drive.  She did a great job of making her dream come alive.  I am looking forward to next year’s blanket drive. 

Patrick Moore

Emily Huskey was our Youth member who dreamed of the mission project to collect blankets for homeless and displaced persons.  Patrick Moore did a fantastic job in organizing this event.  It was such a blessing to see them dream and carry out a mission project alongside our Youth and Youth leaders.  Each time I would pass the donation box, another blanket would be there.  This speaks to this congregation’s heart in giving.  I am so thankful to be a part of the Jacksonville First United Methodist Church in making disciples of Jesus Christ and being the hands and feet of Christ within our community.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Grace and Peace!

Chase Burns

Youth Director