I’ve Got Good News…

God is truly amazing! I heard a story from one of our members the other day that’s worth sharing. As many of you may be aware, we deliver cookies to our first time visitors as a way of saying thanking you for coming. One particular week we had a visitor come through our doors on Sunday to worship with us; however, their visitor slip was misplaced. Our normal practice is to pass along a visitor’s information Sunday after worship to members who have volunteered to take cookies to Sunday’s visitors. Those cookies are normally then delivered Sunday afternoon. Yet, on this occasion, the visitors’ slip was misplaced, and was discovered Monday morning. So, Stephanie scrambled to gather some cookies because we Staff members like to eat the leftovers! Needless to say, there were enough. She put together our visitors’ welcome bag and called some Church members to see if they had time to deliver. They did, but it wouldn’t be until late afternoon.

Monday afternoon comes around, the couple from our Church pick up the items but were delayed. So it ends up being Monday evening when they are able to deliver. As they drive up, another individual is at the door talking with the visitor. That person leaves, so our Church couple goes to the door and introduces themselves and explains why they are there. They were simply stopping by to say “Thank you for coming, and we would love to have you back.”

Well as the story goes, the individual at the door begins to explain the previous visitor had brought bad news. The news was disheartening. It just so happens though that our Church couple may be able to help the visitor! So the conversation goes from hopeless to a little more hopeful with a plan to help. God had orchestrated an amazing encounter. In the midst of bad news, the Church, through one of our couples, were agents of Good News.

Isn’t it amazing how God is always at work? And to think all the delays and setbacks which occurred in the process were used by God so our members could show up at the right time in the right place to counter bad news with good news. On the surface, we may not see how God is at work. But know God truly is at work bringing good news to the world through us.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Nathan