Making a Difference

 We all can be so busy with life that we forget our Christian responsibility to make the world a better place and bring others to Christ.     

Some years ago, I was living a non-productive life.  I would get up Monday through Friday, get the kids up, breakfast down them and off to school.  I would get off to work; and when I got home, I fixed supper, got homework done, kids ready for bed and then to bed.  I would then fall into bed myself.  For five days a week that was my life.  On Saturday I would shop, pay bills, wash clothes and fix meals.  On Sunday, we would get up for Sunday School, Church, Youth Group and Bible Study.  It was an awful existence.      

A friend talked to me for about thirty minutes and suggested some Bible verses to read in order to think about changing our lives.  I read the verses and realized that God could set us free from the captivity of our lives.  God wants his children to be productive and happy.    

My life was changing.  My children were happier.  For once in my life, I was volunteering at the church and trying to help others.  I studied more and started a time of daily prayer.  The change for my family and I took some time.  Our lives changed for the better.  I was able to move up in my job and making more money helped us tremendously.  We were no longer living from paycheck to paycheck.  God made a difference.  Just saying that you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is not enough.  You have to practice the living according to God’s word.  You must see outside of yourself.

God made the difference here for us.  He used another person to help make the change in us.  It can just take one person talking to you for a few minutes to make the difference. It did for us, and I could not be happier.  God did not promise to make us rich, but to be with us and instruct us in the way we should live.

Marilyn Lecy 

Lay Servant