Total Eclipse

On Monday, as many of you are aware, many in the United States experienced a spectacular total eclipse.  A total eclipse hasn’t happened over the United States since 1979 and even then it’s path was not as broad as the one on Monday.  Going diagonally from the upper western section...

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A Long Obedience

A Long Obedience An author whom I enjoy reading and greatly respect is Eugene Peterson.  The name may be familiar to some as he produced a paraphrase version of the Scriptures known as the Message.  One of his books which I have read a couple times now is entitled, A...

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A Walk in the Wilderness

This past week, as many of you have been aware, Eleanor has been sick.  Thank you by the way for all your calls, texts, and notes checking in on her! During her illness, as we waited for doctors, nurses, and eventually for her illness to disappear, we got to watch...

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Making a U-Turn

Have you ever been driving down the road and realize you missed your turn and have had to make a U-turn to get headed in the right direction? I have done this plenty of times, as my wife can attest!  Moreover, there have been a few times where I thought...

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Expect Wonder

Expect wonders Just a couple days ago, I called my mom and dad to see how they were doing.  In the conversation, I asked my dad what project he was working on these days.  As a side note, my dad always has varied projects whether it is woodworking or house...

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