The other day I was listening to the radio coming to work and there was a news piece on snowflakes. Did you know that all snowflakes are six sided?  Yes you have probably heard that each snowflake is unique, which is indeed true.  However, the same is also true that...

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Laity? What does that mean?

Laity is not a term typically found outside the church.  Though it was a common word in Jesus’ day and the days of the early church, today it has become less and less common.  For many, the term laity simply designates the “regular people” in the church or those who...

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A Christmas Worth Believing

Do you ever get tired of the same ol’ Christmas? You know – the Christmas filled with huge credit card bills, family arguments, exhaustion, and jealousy over gifts. It seems Christmas has turned into a more of a headache than an enjoyment. With advertisements promising fulfillment in consumer products to...

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